Jema has started the commissioning of the first phase of Mexsolar I and II in Mexico

Mexico has since the end of October a first photovoltaic plant made with 1500 V stations Jema. Located in San Miguel de Allende (Guanajuato), this solar power plant was developed and built by X-elio. It has a installed capacity of 70.35 MWp, and is equipped with fourteen médium voltaje SI 5100 stations by Jema Energy.

The Project was awarded a long-term Power Purchase Agreement by the Mexican Federal Electricity Agency, Centro Nacional de Control de Energía (“CENACE“) in the 2nd Mexican Power Auction (“Subasta de Largo Plazo or “SLP 01/2016”) in September 2016.

JEMA offers an all-in-one solution that includes two IFX6 central inverters of 2.55 MW (1500 V), a transformer and a médium voltaje distribution cell, all integrated in a skid. The transport of the turnkey skid is realized in a container 40 feet thus reducing the costs of handling and time of installation on site.

Always with the perspective of reducing to the maximum the time of intervention in plant During cold commissioning when the plant is not still connected to the grid, the Grid-forming feature of the IFX6 inverters allows a faster and easier setup of all the low voltaje elements of the skid. Once the connection of the plant to the grid is completed, it’s only a matter of switching tests and performance validation.

The acceptancy test of the plant is expected in December of this year and will complete the first Plant of the 7 plants in construction in Mexico.