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JEMA supplied 15 charging infrastructures I2E family for the first fully electric bus units in Madrid

EMT operator has added to its daily operation in January 2018 15 fully electric buses. This is the first milestone in the electromobility roadmap of the city.
JEMA´s equipment charges overnight the buses and enabling a complete operation of up to 16 hours. The selected solution is the I2E 80, an outdoor solution of 80 kW with Combo II plug.

The I2E family can operate in different grid conditions and can charge batteries with a maximum voltage of 900 V. The design is based on an IGBT topology, making possible bidirectional energy flow. A second order filter is used to avoid grid disturbances during full power system operation.

This project joins the list of projects at European level in which the charging solutions has been provided by JEMA, such as Barcelona, London, Marseille or Luxembourg. Apart from depot solutions, JEMA also offers and operates turn-key solutions with opportunity charging systems connected to medium voltage using pantographs, as in Donostia, Amiens or Bayonne.

JEMA participates in the European ASSURED project (fASt and Smart charging solutions for full size URban hEavy Duty application). The aim or goal of the project is a demonstration of interoperable opportunity charging between vehicle OEMs and infrastructure manufacturers.

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