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June 2018

"Tokamak Energy is happy to announce they have awarded the latest power supply order to Jema Energy.
This is one of several power supply from Jema who have provided outstanding project management and support during our incredibly fast programme schedule.

During the whole process from concept to operation, Jema have been a trusted partner who we look forward to working together for many years to come.

I am and have been very pleased how all the individual power supply projects have run, which makes our fast programme achievable."

Adrian McFarland, Electrical Engineering Manager, Tokamak Energy Ltd


Jema Energy has been awarded with another contract for the Big Science sector. Tokamak Energy Ltd, located in Oxfordshire, UK has awarded Jema Energy for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of a 44 kA, +/-590 Vdc, 2-quadrant power supply system for the poloidal coils for vertical plasma control for the new ST40 experimental fusion reactor. The Tokamak Energy's latest compact spherical tokamak reactor, called the ST40, marks the latest development to achieve commercial fusion power. ST40 aims to be the first privately-funded fusion machine to achieve the temperatures required for fusion, opening up the next step of our strategic fusion development plan.

Jema Energy already supplied several power supply systems for the ST40 and this new order confirms Jema as a key supplier for nuclear fusion projects. Very demanding requirements in terms of stability and fast response are requested. Moreover, in order to minimize the impact on the grid, the power supply will be fed from super-capacitor banks that store the energy required to be supplied during the experiment. Jema Energy will also integrate the power supply into the Tokamak Energy control system and will provide assistance during the operation of the machine.

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