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JEMA renovates its facilities to provide a modern testing area for clients

The transformation of these facilities allows for specific testing that emulate on-site situations before equipment leaves the factory.

The renovation process increases the production and testing capacity by 40% and provides the testing area with a DC load of up to 185 kV.

New HIL software testing device to efficiently develop and test real-time embedded control systems.

JEMA has undertaken the renovation of its facilities to add specific tests that emulate on-site situations. This transformation, which was completed in October, allows JEMA to offer its clients specific tests in similar conditions to those found in the field before shipping the devices out of the factory. The facility can perform tests at different frequencies (50/60Hz), direct currents and active loads with different levels of active and reactive power. Moreover, a unique facility with DC load up to 185 kV has been installed in order to test all high voltage power supplies.

The comprehensive renovation of the factory has increased our production and testing capacity by 40%. The investment to modernize and provide maximum productivity to the installations is framed within JEMA´s philosophy of validating the engineering and R&D developments by performing tests that emulate real situations and thus improve reliability of the equipment. The testing area allows clients to witness and control FAT testing of their equipment behind a glass window ensuring safety and transparency.

Furthermore, within the strategy to reinforce R&D in the testing area, JEMA has added new HIL (Hardware-In-the-Loop) testing software for the development and testing of real-time embedded control systems. This provides us with an unique tool to test the equipment by simulation which due to safety or cost issues are not possible to perform on site.

JEMA currently has several factories that manufacture specialized equipment. One of these factories has been adapted for testing at very high voltages (>100kV) with direct current, with the introduction of improvements in terms of safety and the automation of all distribution panels.

The factory’s renovation doesn’t just ratify JEMA´s responsibility in terms of safety, but also supposes a qualitative leap in the commitment of providing our clients a facility with the most advanced technology to respond to their demanding needs. Along these lines, we have reinforced our technical office team, integrating them into all processes to improve quality control and dynamism between design and production.

JEMA´s technical capacity is completed with a large testing area in Irizar E-mobility, the new plant in Aduna that belongs to our mother company Grupo Irizar. In these facilities JEMA's equipment such as solar inverters and electro-mobility solutions, including charging or drive solutions will be tested.

The renovation of our facilities is just another example of the capacity JEMA has demonstrated throughout its history to adapt to the demands of various sectors to which we offer service, providing security to clients via the guarantee of cutting-edge equipment, tested in all its dimensions.

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